Books by Todd J. Feltman, PhD


Mentoring My Elementary-and Middle-School Students to Become Powerful Navigators of Success: An Interactive Handbook for Teachers and Students in Grades Two to Eight

Kindle Edition or Paperback

Elementary and middle school can be confusing times for children. Adjusting to the challenges of growing up and navigating new social pressures and expectations can prove overwhelming. It isn’t as if they get a handbook to help them through the maze.

Educator, teacher, and current assistant principal Todd Jason Feltman, PhD, asked, “Why not?” If students could be given clear instructions and steps for academic success, it might raise their confidence and their optimism about the future. In his previous book, The Elementary and Middle School Student-Friendly Handbook to Navigating Success: You Need to Take Charge of Your Education, Feltman spoke directly to students. Now, he has created a new guide for teachers looking to mentor and nurture students in second through eighth grades. His advice includes advising students to

  • complete their homework as soon as they come home from school,
  • take small walks, exercise, and/or water breaks while completing homework,
  • create a calendar of everything they need to do,
  • form a consistent, healthy sleep routine, and
  • stay free of distractions while in class.

Those are just five of the 110 tried and true techniques Feltman gives you to help you encourage and inspire your students!



The Elementary and Middle School Student-Friendly Handbook to Navigating Success: You Need to Take Charge of Your Education!

Kindle Edition or Paperback

Have you ever wished school came with instructions? You’re finally in luck! The Elementary and Middle School Student-Friendly Handbook to Navigating Success is packed with 110 easy-to-do techniques you can immediately put into practice; and, so you know it’s not just busywork, each tip is followed by a simple explanation of why it’s helpful. 

A "handbook" can be either a a book giving facts on a particular subject or instructions for how to accomplish a certain goal. "The Elementary and Middle School Student-Friendly Handbook" is a wonderful example of the second type of handbook. The goal it can help students accomplish is no less than "success" in education, and thereby "success" in life. The 110 specific "strategies" it provides to help students accomplish the goal of educational success are organized into clear and logical categories referring to being prepared for a successful school day, becoming a successful learner, building a positive relationship with teachers, and becoming a responsible student. All of these strategies are important and easy to understand. They range from establishing an effective morning routine before school, to how to make sure you understand an assignment, to the importance of reporting bullying. Each of the strategies are presented in three parts: a clear statement of the strategy, a reason for why the strategy is important, and an area that invites the student to illustrate how the strategy applies to his or her life. Adults may find many of the strategies to be only "common sense" because they learned them on their own sometime during their lives. However, I realize I did not learn many of these things until long after middle school, and I am still working on a few of them. One of the best things about this handbook is that it is designed so that the student can use it on their own, but it also invites parents to share the experience with their children. I recommend it to elementary and middle school students, as well as to their parents and teachers.
- Craig Palmer
Well thought through Very simple for young students to improve skills and work more efficiently. This is an inexpensive learning organizer.
- G K Nelson